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Which JASON Hair Care Products Are Right for My Hair

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Which description best defines your hair?

a) Dead weight and limp; in need of a volume boost
b) Out of control, difficult to manage and affected by the rain, damp and central heating
c) Totally dried out by the summer; sun, sea and swimming pools
d) Long; prone to breakage and split ends
e) Dull; lost its shine and lustre
f) Treated and coloured; in need of care to help keep its colour looking vibrant and deep
g) Sensitive scalp, hair care needs to be gentle with as few allergens as possible

If you answered……

a)Try our Volumizing Lavender Hair Care collection

The wheat protein in this duo helps add all day volume to even the flattest of hair, whilst lavender and sweet almond extract help to nourish, strengthen and fortify hair to grow the healthiest it possibly can.

b)Try our Smoothing Sea Kelp Hair Care collection

Even the wildest of manes can be tamed with essential fatty acid-rich sea kelp that helps to rehydrate, bringing softness and manageability to out of control locks. Hawaiian ginger root, frangipani and kukui nut oil help keep any frizz or flyaways from misbehaving come wind, rain or central heating!

c)Try our Moisturising Aloe Vera Hair Care collection

This shampoo and conditioner duo contain 84% organic aloe vera, to help moisturise hair, along with spirulina to help soften and smooth the hair follicle for added shine and manageability.

d)Try our Long & Strong Jojoba Hair Care collection

Inject your long locks with moisture from jojoba seed oil and promote strong new hair growth with chamomile and grapefruit extracts and vitamin B5. It’s not only good for those with long hair, but great for those aspiring to grow their hair longer (and stronger!)

e)Try our Super Shine Apricot Hair Care collection

Apricot oil not only gives your skin a glow, it helps add shine to your hair! It smoothes the hair cuticle for a perfectly reflective brilliance, whilst wheat protein and aloe vera replenish hair with moisture from root to tip.

f)Try our Colour Protect Henna Hair Care collection

We’re often asked if our Colour Protect Henna Hair Care colours hair. The answer is no! Henna extract helps fight fading of coloured hair, whilst wheat protein helps condition the hair, giving it smoothness and a silky soft feel.

g)Try our Gluten Free or Fragrance Free Hair Care collection

Our Gluten Free hair care is certified gluten free, and contains babassu oil and vitamin E to nurture, rosemary extract to balance oil production and chamomile to help calm the scalp. Our Fragrance Free hair care also contains chamomile, plus vitamin B5 to gently cleanse and promote strong hair growth, and sage leaf extract to enhance shine and manageability.

You can find all these wonderful products mentioned in this blog here

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