Do I Need to Change My Skincare Regimen in the Summer?

We’re often asked whether our skin needs a different regimen in the summer months compared to the other seasons. We believe that it completely depends on your own skin. Sometimes an oil will suffice in the summer months for skin moisturisation, but if we’ve been in the sun we may just reach for a cream. As we get older we tend to find skin needs more moisturisation and hydration than before to keep it in top condition. We recommend you listen to (or feel!) your skin. If it feels dry inside, then invest in an oil, if the surface is dry then utilise a cream, or a combination of the two. We think with the heat, and living in a city, it is very important to thoroughly cleanse the skin, and always double cleanse in the summer (that’s if you don’t already do so in the winter!)

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What About Sunscreen?

The other obvious choice to help keep skin happy in the summer is an SPF, which many people choose to use. We all know how much better everything is in the sunshine, but we have also read about the damage the sun’s rays can cause to our skin. Everyone was up in arms over an article published by the British Medical Journal in 1999, which claimed the danger of dying from skin cancer had been exaggerated and the potential benefits from the sun had been played down. Our bodies produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, which is vital to liver and kidney function. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause bone disease, depression and even heart problems. We’ve heard it recommended that one should sit out in the sun for half an hour a day with no sun lotion on the face and forearms in order to stimulate this production. Thereafter it is most probably best to apply some sun lotion.

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For When You’ve Overdone it on the Sun!

There are over 200 types of aloe vera plants, but the most beneficial one to mankind is Aloe Barbadensis Miller, or “true aloe”, due to its medicinal properties. In fact, its use by humans for therapeutic qualities has been traced back over 5000 years in ancient documentation – historians believe that Cleopatra was using aloe as part of her beauty regime, when she wasn't bathing in milk that is! The gel from the plant, the inner part of the leaf, is packed full of chemicals essential for human function and is the most nutrient dense part of the plant. It contains 8 essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, salicylic acid, sugars, saponins and sterols. The amino acids, enzymes and minerals support the body’s metabolism from within, salicylic acid reduces fever and inflammation, whilst when topically applied saponins are cleansing and antiseptic and the sugars are thought to give aloe its healing properties.

Sunburn is what we commonly associate aloe vera with , but there are so many more uses for aloe vera – soothing other types of burns, treating minor abrasions and bruises, fading scars, minimising razor burn, healing minor cuts, acne, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, stings, bites.... and the list goes on! The gel can be used straight from the leaf or bought ready made in both gel or juice form. When buying products that contain aloe vera, check it is Aloe Barbadensisand also make sure it is the first ingredient in the product otherwise you are buying watered down and therefore not particularly effective aloe vera products.

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Natural & Organic Summer Skincare at its Very Best

Skin can be more dehydrated in the summer, due to the heat and also the fact that we don’t take on as much water as we perhaps should. Also down to the temperature (and pollution in cities), skin may also be more oily/greasy with a tendency to congestion in the T-zone. For this reason, we recommend a heavy duty deep cleansing product to combat the effects of pollution and heat.

Dry body brush and gently exfoliate your face to remove the top layer of dead, dull skin whilst boosting your circulation revealing a healthy rosy glow.

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When it comes to body care, we recommend a really refreshing body wash, with invigorating citrus or peppermints oils. When it comes to hydrating the body, body oils are the perfect thing for summer as they give a sexy sheen to skin, as well as smell gorgeous!

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Other Lifestyle Tips to Help You Achieve Complexion Perfection

Whilst daily cleansing and moisturising are required to keep skin healthy, additional measures can have a real impact on your looks also. Regular exercise helps you to stay healthy, improve circulation and get glowing skin. Eat right by adding some good sources of vitamins and antioxidant nutrients to your diet. Include orange or yellow vegetables such as carrots, yellow bell peppers, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, and broccoli, and other fruits in your diet. Not only is it beneficial to drink plenty of water to function well, look youthful, and avoid getting dehydrated, but also important to eat fruits with high water content.