Hair Care

Hair Care


Jason's Haircare range uses unique natural formulas to target all hair conditions.

Jason's haircare products are split into Everyday, Therapy and Styling; shampoos, conditioners, treatments based on natural ingredients, powerful botanical extracts, and Vitamins.

Jason natural skincare has focused on creating eco-friendly, body loving products free from harmful ingredients since launching in 1959. Pioneers in the industry for connecting mind, body and wellbeing, Jason has always understood the importance of self care using high quality, natural ingredients to support both physical confidence and mental wellbeing.

Jason takes a similar approach to their range of haircare as skincare; encouraging consumers to nourish and support their hair with high quality, natural ingredients and regular treatments.

Our targeted Jason haircare products include an Everyday range, a Therapy range and a styling range: a selection of shampoos, conditioners and treatments for all conditions and occasions. From fly away, lacklustre locks, to dandruff, scalp imbalances, and thinning hair, the Jason haircare range has it all covered so you can get salon effects from the comfort of your home with formulas based on all natural ingredients and botanical extracts - from moisturising aloe vera to prickly pear extracts, smoothing sea kelp and grapeseed oil to thickening biotin.

Just a few of the award winning products from the extensive Jason haircare range include: Thicken and Restore Biotin + Hyaluronic Acid Conditioner, full of Biotin, Vitamin B5, natural jojoba seed oil, ginseng, lavender ingredients. Therapy Thin to Thick Hair Spray containing hair strengthening biotin, panthenol, natural green tea fused with nourishing Vitamins A, B5, H, natural styling polymers. And Flaxseed Hi-Shine styling gel, a formula of panthenol, plant proteins, and flaxseed.

All of the Jason haircare range is free from parabens, sulphates, petrolatum.

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  1. Flaxseed Hi-Shine Styling Gel
    170g  |  SKU 0054
  2. Therapy Thin To Thick Hair Spray
    237ml  |  SKU 0052
  3. Moisturizing Aloe Vera + Prickly Pear Conditioner
    454g  |  SKU 0002
  4. Anti-Dandruff Scalp Care Shampoo
    355ml  |  SKU 0044
  5. Anti-Dandruff Scalp Care 2 in 1 Shampoo +…
    355ml  |  SKU 0045
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