Everyday Haircare Range

Jason's Everyday Haircare range supports hair condition to make everyday a good hair day.

Nourish, moisture, strengthen and protect your locks on a daily basis with a curated formula combining natural extracts, plant proteins and powerful botanicals.

Jason natural skincare has created this Everyday Haircare range with the understanding that self worth, positive work performance and mental wellbeing is all connected to having a  'good hair day' every day.

Experts claim that unaware to many people their daily hair routine - shampoo, condition, brush and style - is causing damage to locks, which gradually end up causing breakage and even long term conditions. Healthy hair depends on an inner cuticle with overlapping scales that keeps your strands together. When these scales fall apart, your hair can get dry and eventually separate leading to damage.

Research shows that in a similar way to skincare cleansing, regular use of dry shampoo or hairsprays can cause flaky, sore skin, blocked pores and scaling. Hair drying with either heat or straightening/styling devices or even rough towel drying causes frizz, strand damage, dryness and split ends. Over-washing, styling hair in up-does, sun exposure and stress are also everyday actions or conditions that cause damage or hair loss. The rising anxiety about the climate crisis is another factor as everyday environmental concerns from air pollution, UV radiation to dust and dry air are all damaging to tresses.

Jason natural skincare applies the same 'code of honour', established since 1959, to its haircare formulas as its skincare products. All ingredients are safe, wholesome, natural, rigorously tested to ensure safety and efficacy, are never tested on animals and are constantly updated and improved.

Whilst many haircare products on the shelf contain phthalates and dioxane, which can cause endocrine (hormone) disruption - hormones are behind the scenes orchestrators of your hair growth - Jason haircare is a unique formula of curated ingredients including Vitamins, plant proteins, natural extracts, antioxidants and rich botanicals. 

Choose from Jason Everyday Haircare products which can all be used individually or combined: Smoothing Grapeseed Oil + Sea Kelp Shampoo infused with Kukui Nut oil, Sea Kelp, Shea Butter to cleanse, moisture and fight frizz. Smoothing Grapeseed Oil + Sea Kelp Conditioner, a gentle nourishing conditioner to prevent split ends and produce shinier hair. Thickening Biotin + Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo, a botanically inspired formula infused with biotin and panthenol. Thicken & Restore Biotin + Hyaluronic Acid Conditioner, filled with ginseng, lavender, Biotin, Vitamin B5, natural jojoba oil to nourish, revitalise ingredients to treat split ends and restore elasticity. Moisturising Aloe Vera + Prickly Pear Conditioner, Strong & Healthy Jojoba + Castor Seed Oil Conditioner, Moisturising Aloe Vera + Prickly Pear shampoo and Strong Healthy Jojoba + Castor Seed Oil Shampoo.

All Jason Everyday Haircare Range are free from parabens, sulphates, GMO's and are vegan friendly.

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