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Whilst there are still so many myths and misinformation surrounding natural oral care and whether natural ingredients can still deliver the same bright smile and healthy gums as traditional oral care products, Jason has created a best-selling range of natural toothpastes, gels, and mouthwashes, based on extensive research, that produce exemplary results.

About Jason’s Natural Oral Care Products?

Although the Dental Association approved the use of fluoride, calcium carbonate, baking soda and other minerals and ingredients as 'safe, effective and necessary' in preventing tooth decay, Jason has been utilising the power of natural botanicals since 1959 and has formulated natural oral care products featuring grapefruit seed, peppermint oil, aloe vera oil and other organic ingredients to support tartar control and healthy teeth.

Natural Oral Care Products We Offer

Jason natural oral care products include fluoride gels, fluoride free toothpastes and natural mouthwashes to support your bright white smile! Choose from a range that can suit all the family: the Simply Coconut Toothpastes utilise virgin coconut oil as a wholesome base ingredient and target concerns from Whitening, Strengthening and Soothing. Also expect fruity, botanicals from spearmint, eucalyptus, chamomile, and tea tree extract. The Sea Fresh range includes a Strengthening Deep Sea Spearmint All Natural Toothpaste combining Blue Green Algae, rich in calcium, proteins and antioxidants to naturally strengthen your teeth and gums as well as parsley extracts for fresh breath, the Sea Fresh Anti Cavity & Strengthening Gel, which blends together natural polishers and stain fighting botanicals, such as bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and silica. Add into your daily oral care routine, a Total Protection Sea Salt Mouth Rinse, Cool Mint infused with sea salt, witch hazel and peppermint oil for a fresh feeling day to evening. The Powersmile range includes an Anti Cavity & Whitening Gel Powerful Peppermint is an all natural CoQ10 toothpaste gel featuring fluoride to help strengthen tooth enamel to fight cavity and natural aloe vera gel to soothe irritate gums or Powersmile Whitening Toothpaste Powerful Peppermint which adds to the main bamboo powder and Calcium carbonate formula with natural grapefruit seed and perilla seed extracts to help counter harmful sugar acids. Finish off your day and evening oral care with the Powersmile Brightening Peppermint Mouthwash full of blue green algae, potent spearmint oil and other botanical extracts for a fresh mouth. Or for those who are concerned with tooth decay, try the Healthy Mouth products: Healthy Mouth Tartar Control Toothpaste Tea Tree & Cinnamon is an all-natural toothpaste that guards your teeth and gums from sugary acids and tooth decay, as well as tea tree oil, an antimicrobial and antiseptic agent that defends tooth cavities from bacteria and even disease. Healthy Mouth Tartar Control Cinnamon Clove Mouthwash works twice a day to extend the whitening power of the Powersmile Toothpaste with Calcium Ascorbate, a form of Vitamin C as well as extracts of menthol and grapefruit seed.

Products can be used on all the family and contain no parabens, no harsh sulphates, or artificial colours. All ingredients are certified organic.

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