Jason’s men’s range takes a targeted approach to men’s hair and skincare

A curated men’s range of calming, hydrating and refreshing products from natural, performance driven ingredients for men on the go.

Jason continues to pioneer with the launch of its new men’s range. As Jason realised the very limited, one size fits all approach to men’s skin, hair care and wellbeing available, this new men’s range is specifically created to give men the same targeted approach to personal care as the rest of the family.

Jason’s men range includes 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, 2-in-1 face and body washes, deodorants and post shave moisturisers curated into different hair and skin types; calming, hydrating, refreshing. Jason understands the pressures of modern life on time poor men, who also want to protect their hair and skin against long term damage with quick and easy products to use on the go. The Jason’s men range targets concerns including dandruff, sensitive, dry skin and fine hair. Jason continues to apply their ‘Code of honour’ philosophy: select safe, natural ingredients, test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy, no animal testing and continue to innovate and improve.

Jason continues to create formulas devised from powerful plant extracts, natural botanicals, vitamins and essential oils. This range includes unique ingredient blends including ocean minerals (irish moss, giant kelp, blue algae, sea salt) found deep below sea level, aloe vera extract, and citrus fruits for healing, soothing and fragrant effect. All formulations are biodegradable and free from SLS/SLES, parabens, petrolatum and some where noted have been dermatologically tested.

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  1. Men's Refreshing Face Moisturizer and After…
    113g  |  SKU 0519
  2. Men's Hydrating Face Moisturizer and After…
    113g  |  SKU 0518
  3. Men's Calming Face Moisturizer and After…
    113g  |  SKU 0517
  4. Men's Calming 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
    355ml  |  SKU 0511
  5. Flaxseed Hi-Shine Styling Gel
    170g  |  SKU 0054
  6. Anti-Dandruff Scalp Care Shampoo
    355ml  |  SKU 0044
  7. Anti-Dandruff Scalp Care 2 in 1 Shampoo +…
    355ml  |  SKU 0045
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